Robb Consulting Group Corporation was established on May 15, 2022, by Romane Orlando Robb through the combination of Rosedale Consulting Corporation and Robb Creative Group Corporation. The goal is to create a global leader in both the consulting and creative industries.

Robb Sports Group (RSG) is a global sports investment, marketing, and management (IMM) company. The company was established on February 27, 2016, by Romane Orlando Robb.

Robb Creative Group Corporation. is a marketing, advertising, graphic design, creative, and media holding company headquartered in New York City. The company owns a variety of incredible award-winning advertising and creative agencies. The company was established on April 8, 2017, by Romane Orlando Robb.

Robb Food and Beverage Corporation (RFBC) is a New York-based producer and distributor of premium independent food and beverage brands that serve various markets. The company was established by Romane Orlando Robb.

Robb Entertainment Corporation is a New York-based multi-media and entertainment company that specializes in the production, marketing, and distribution of short and long form entertainment, across multiple platforms. The company was established in 2008 by Romane Orlando Robb.

Robb Xpress International Trading Corporation (“Robb Xpress”) is a logistics company that was established in 2008 by Romane Orlando Robb.

Rosedale Consulting Corporation is a management consulting firm. We help clients (or as we like to call them; our partners) to realize the full potential of their businesses. The company was established by Romane Orlando Robb.

The Urban Blvd Corporation (“TUB”) is primarily a fashion house and fashion agency established in 2008 by Romane Orlando Robb, and is based in New York City (NYC).

Robb & Company Corporation (RCC) is a global-thinking financial firm. The company was established on March 4, 2008, by Romane Orlando Robb.

Robb Industrial Corporation is an industrial multi-national corporation est. on May 4, 2020, and incorporated in 2021 by Romane Orlando Robb, the company primarily operates in the following industry sectors: energy, construction, defense, engineering, infrastructure, information technology, talent recruiting, logistics, financial, consulting, software engineering, and utilities. We’re firm believers that providing exceptional goods and services to our partners, consistently, will ensure very long-term and prosperous partnerships.

Robb Lifestyle Group, LLC was established on November 19, 2023, by Romane Orlando Robb. We aim to produce and distribute premium quality products and services that cater to a consumer base that truly values quality. We take great pride in how we source the various materials for our products and aim to be as transparent as possible with our customers during that process. We also invest in start-ups, primarily during the seed stage, in the lifestyle space through an investment fund with the private equity and venture capital firm, Robb and Company Corporation.

Robb Real Estate Corporation (RREC) is a global-thinking real estate company (buy, sell, rent, develop, market, and manage properties) that also has a real estate consulting division (Robb Real Estate Consulting) and a real estate investment trusts (REITS) portfolio. The company was established in 2010 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ROBB CORPORATION (

We strongly believe that a connected world is a better world. Robb Wireless Corporation (RWC), established on November 23, 2023, aims to connect the world through affordable and reliable products and services. Coming soon

Robb International Security Corporation (RISC), established on January 11, 2023, by Romane Orlando Robb, is a joint venture with Robb Industrial Corporation and Robb Consulting Group Corporation which aims to be a world leader in protecting lives. Safety and security (private and cyber) are our highest priority and we take that responsibility incredibly seriously.


We are an investment holding company. Check out our subsidiaries.